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Launching Our New NPS Block

The Crowdsignal team is very excited to give you a first look at our new NPS block. 💪

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most widely used scoring/management tool nowadays.
The strength of the NPS approach is that it substitutes a single question for a complex customer satisfaction survey. You can collect in a very simple way timely data that your team is able to act on immediately.

It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and is claimed to be correlated with revenue growth.

Wikipedia –

NPS Block Features

If your site is running on you can start playing with it, no installation required:

  • Block styling is based on your theme by default, though fully customizable
  • Both questions can be edited
  • Labels can be edited
  • Define after how many visits the block should be shown to your users
  • Displays nicely on mobile
  • Emojis can be used in labels 🙂
  • And it comes with a results dashboard optimized for the NPS block:

What do you think? Any questions?

Read more about it in our blog.