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More easy login options for Crowdsignal (email, phone, Google) that aren’t through WordPress

Hi, I thought that Crowdsignal is a great tool, but that it is lacking some other login options apart from Other tools such as JotForm let you get started after a simple email verification which does not involve linking accounts.

For example, The login options could be Continue with WordPress, Continue with Email, Continue with Google.

I am awhere that it is possible to login with Google/Apple via the login, but I think that some people would preper being able to use apps like Crowdsignal without creating an entire WordPress profile (including Gravatar page) and instead having a stand-alone account.

I understand that people need to be able to login to save their surveys, but I think that some simple login options like “Sign in with email magic link”, “Sign in with phone number”, etc… would make more people come to Crowdsignal, and that it would be better if there was the odd login method (such as simply verifying an email address) that didn’t involve signins.

I just think this would be a great idea for the future, particulthearly as some people might like the option to not have their Crowdsignal and WordPress accounts/profiles permanently linked together. You could have as an option (a bit like you can use Apple to login to several websites) instead of the only method.